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‘Bluey’ is Given ‘Bug Bestie’ Award by PETA Kids

As any parent of young kids knows, Bluey is extremely popular. Both kids and parents take away great lessons from the show. And in the recently released episode called “Slide,” Bingo and Lila showed themselves to be true bug defenders, so PETA Kids is thrilled to give the show our first-ever “Bug Bestie” Award. For real life!

In “Slide,” Bingo and her friend Lila want to enjoy their time on the waterslide in the backyard. However, small bugs—including a ladybug and a grasshopper—keep finding their way onto the waterslide—right where the girls are going. Eventually, the duo decides on taking turns being a bug ‘inspector’ who cautiously goes down the slide ahead of the other to make sure all bugs are safely out of the way before the other person can slide down fast without any concern. Lila even shares that her mom has told her that bugs “have a mummy and daddy who would miss them.”

characters Bingo and Lila from Bluey with a green caterpiller© Ludo Studio.

This episode of Bluey is so important because it highlights that even the smallest of bugs are individuals who should be considered. Ants, ladybugs, beetles, caterpillars, and more are someone, not something, and we should always treat them with kindness. Bravo, Bluey!

lady bug on a green plant outside.

You can teach your kids to show compassion to bugs like Bingo and Lila did! If your family notices a bug in your house, show your kids how to gently relocate them back outside with a cup and paper. Be an example of kindness by NEVER stomping on or capturing bugs and by encouraging your kids to be a “Bug Bestie” when they are around their friends and classmates too. We can appreciate animals by admiring them from afar and allowing them to enjoy their own lives with their family and friends, too.


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