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Vegan Baby Shoes Fit for Royalty

Putting your baby in cute sandals or booties can be so much fun! But what’s not fun is the harm that baby shoes made of animal skins (aka “leather”) can cause. Millions of cows, pigs, goats, sheep, and others are killed for their skin—and often skinned while still alive. Leather has also been found to contain dangerous chemicals, such as chromium VI.

In a German study, one-third of children’s shoes were found to contain chromium VI. This substance is known to cause allergies, and along with nickel and artificial scents, it’s one of the most common contact allergens—often leaving those who are affected with rashes and other serious reactions. Around 500,000 Germans are permanently affected with this allergy. It’s still unknown how many children’s shoes contain chromium VI in the U.S., since there are no specific regulations regarding it here.

One great way to avoid causing animals (and your sweet baby) to suffer is to avoid leather. Make the kind choice and have your child wear vegan!

Check out these super-cute, vegan, leather-free baby shoes:


  1. Tiny TOMS Crib Alpargatas


  1. Tiny TOMS Lenny Sneakers

  1. Tiny TOMS Luca Slip Ons

  1. Kids Shoes by Keep

  1. Baby Vegan Rambler by Softstar

  1. Little Riders Slip-On Booties by Bent & Bree

  1. Baby N’anya Shoes

  1. Easy-On Moc Slippers by Acorn

  1. Surprize by Stride Rite Sneaker Mini Shoes at Target

  1. Cabooties


Remember: When shopping for shoes for your family, choose vegan ones. Check to make sure that they’re not made of leather, suede, wool, or skins stolen from exotic animals!

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