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Animal-Friendly Back-to-School Shopping List

It’s that time of the year again! You’re heading back to school, where you’ll make many new memories with friends and learn lots of new information from your fave teachers.

But back-to-school season isn’t always as fun for animals, because a lot of them suffer during it. So here’s a shopping list that will help you make sure you’re not harming any animals this year!

1. Hand Sanitizer


Schools are often filled with germs, so hand sanitizer is a good thing to carry with you to keep from getting sick. But some hand sanitizers are tested on animals, which is so not cool. Stick with brands like Dr. Bronner’s to make sure you’re not supporting companies that hurt animals.

2. Vegan Lunch


Meals that aren’t made from animal parts are delicious and often healthier than meat and dairy foods. Ask your parents to stock up on vegan options for your school lunches next time they go to the grocery store.

3. Cruelty-Free Supplies


You can make the school day even more exciting by creating your own animal rights book covers! Just be sure the colorful pens and pencils that you use haven’t been tested on animals. We recommend animal-friendly brands like Pilot.

4. Lotion

Writing book reports and taking notes can take a toll on your hands. You can make sure they’re not getting too rough or dry by using cruelty-free hand lotion. Try The Body Shop or Yes To brands.

5. Clothes


Need a cute outfit for the first day of school? Why not pick one that includes a message about saving animals? Check out the adorable shirts in the PETA Kids catalog!

6. FREE PETA Kids Stickers


Yep, you read that right: You can order these PETA Kids stickers for free! Stick ’em on your folders and notebooks to show everyone that you choose not to dissect, that you will never wear wool, and more!

7. Lip Balm


No one likes chapped lips—especially in the winter time. Grab some cruelty-free lip balm to stick in your backpack and keep your lips moisturized throughout the school day.