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PETA Kids’ Cutest Vegan Kid Asks Barbie to Stop Supporting Cruelty to Animals

Eleven-year-old Eshiana Coleman, the Cutest Vegan Kid of 2019, has written to Mattel, the owner of Barbie, asking it to STOP selling Barbie toys that promote cruelty to animals—like its Barbie Dreamtopia Chelsea Doll and Elephant and Barbie Newborn Pups Doll & Pets. 

Animals are NOT ours to use in any way, and selling toys that encourage kids to use animals is a bad idea. Mattel is sending the message that its OK to support the elephantride industrywhich profits from keeping elephants captive (and hitting them and abusing them in other ways)Plus, riding elephants (who don’t want humans on their backs) can be dangerous! 

Encouraging the breeding of companion animals like dogs is wrong, too. More than 6 million homeless dogs and cats enter animal shelters every year, so breeding should NEVER be promoted. People should be responsible guardians by having dogs and cats spayed or neutered and by adopting animals, never buying them.

PETA Kids Cutest Vegan Kid Eshiana agrees! And thats why shes written this open letter to Mattel, asking the company to stop promoting cruelty to animals and do the right thing by no longer selling these two toys.


You can speak up for animals, too. Join Eshiana and write to Mattel, asking it to discontinue these products and to offer only animal-friendly toys in the future: