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Yummy Vegan Hot Dog Day on ‘The Wiggles’ World’!

The secret treat at Le James Café on a recent episode of The Wiggles’ World is sure to make compassionate kids like you very happy—and help animals at the same time.

It’s Yummy Vegan Hot Dog Day! In this episode, The Wiggles sing that they’d love to eat a vegan hot dog and even break into a dance. Viewers are shown that they can enjoy a tasty hot dog without any cruelty to animals—by eating a vegan one.?

Pigs, chickens, cows, and other animals have personalities and feelings—just like you. A pig on a farm is not so different from Wags the dog on The Wiggles World. Although most people would NEVER want to hurt an animal in any way, they sometimes don’t realize that by eating foods made from animals, they’re actually contributing to the suffering and death of living, feeling beings. Billions of them are killed for food each year.?

We don’t have to eat someone’s flesh. Instead, we can choose humane foods that are healthy and don’t cause any harm to our animal friends. Ask your parents to add vegan hot dogs to the grocery list!

Not sure where to find vegan hot dogs, or want to enjoy a yummy burger this summer? Check out these great vegan meats: