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Kind Gifts for Kind Teachers

Think about all the things your teachers do for you every day. Now multiply that by about a million, because there are so many things they do that you don’t even get to see. May is Teacher Appreciation Month, and while teachers deserve to be appreciated and celebrated all year long, don’t you think they deserve something a little extra-special this month for all their hard work?

So, before you go to pick out another coffee mug (yawn) for your favorite one, take a look at this kind teacher–approved list of ideas! (Seriously, they all said no more mugs.)

Gift Cards

This might not seem very personal, but gift cards are useful to everyone! Who doesn’t love a Target gift card? And Starbucks? Those gift cards are like gold. You also couldn’t go wrong with one from Barnes & Noble, a local bookshop or coffee shop, or a nice grocery store in town for picking up some vegan meals.

Offer to Help With Classroom Chores

Grab your cruelty-free cleaning supplies and offer to clean up the classroom a bit. Ask if there’s anything else you can do to help, like organizing books, folders, files, or supplies.

Plants and Flowers

Plants truly breathe life into a room, and what classroom couldn’t use more color? Flower arrangements make beautiful gifts for the classroom or home. Succulents are a super-trendy type of plant to give, because they last a long time and don’t need a lot of care. (Teacher Appreciation Month shouldn’t mean MORE things to care for and worry about!) Some succulents even have specific uses, like aloe, which can treat wounds and sunburn.


Tea is a great gift because it’s almost always vegan. (Just avoid it if it has honey added). Plus, it’s something to put in all those mugs! We really love the Calming tea from Yogi.


Make a Donation

A thoughtful idea is to make a donation in your teacher’s name to a local animal shelter or sanctuary. This is a nice thing to do not only for her or him but also for animals. 


Aromatherapy uses scents to address different issues. For example, they can be used to calm or energize people or to relieve stress, or they can help with sleeping or focusing. Aromatherapy products are great gifts that smell nice but aren’t generic candles or lotions. We love the Bath & Body Works aromatherapy line, because it’s cruelty-free!


Cruelty-Free Manicure Set

Grab some vegan, cruelty-free nail polish (try Pacifica), some soy nail polish remover (like ella+mila), and a nail file. Then, write a big note that says, “Thank you for ….” Make a smaller note that says, “Polishing my skills,” and attach it to the nail polish. Attach a note that says, “Helping fix my mistakes” to the nail polish remover. And to the nail file, add a note reading, “Shaping my mind.” You can arrange it all together in a basket or bag for a perfect gift to let your teacher know how much you appreciate all the help with an animal-friendly manicure!