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23 Bears Were Rescued From a Roadside Zoo! ❤️

Animals in roadside zoos are forced to spend their lives in cages for human entertainment. ?

At Black Forest Bear Park in Georgia, 17 bears were made to live in concrete pits. They had little protection from the weather, weren’t able to roam, and weren’t even provided with anything soft to walk or lie on. ☹️

A Bear Stuck at Black Forest Bear Park

At roadside zoos, the cages or areas where animals—like lions, tigers, bears, and monkeys—are forced to live are often cramped and covered with filth. But even if their living area looks “nice,” no fake environment could ever compare to the space and freedom of their natural habitat, which they want and need. Not to mention that these animals are also frustrated and lonely and sometimes even abused by the people who are supposed to be caring for them.

Luckily, PETA was able to save the bears at Black Forest Bear Park and arranged for them all to be moved to a reputable wildlife sanctuary in Colorado! ❤️ Their new home has much more space, a large pond, things to climb on, and plenty of grass to roll around on. Two of the bears, Ursula and O.B., who were pregnant at the time of their rescue, each gave birth to three cubs at the sanctuary—which allowed both mothers to raise their babies themselves, instead of taking them away shortly after birth to be used for photo ops with the public or to be sold off to other roadside zoos.

Bear Rescued From Roadside Zoo

But many animals stuck at roadside zoos don’t get such a happy ending. The best way to help animals forced to live in cages for human amusement is never to visit roadside zoos. Always say “No, thank you!” if you’re invited to a place that uses animals for entertainment and tell your friends and family to do the same.