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PETA’s Ingrid Newkirk Is All About Girl Power

Ever hear the saying “Girls rule”? Well, it’s true. All month long, we’re celebrating Women’s History Month and reflecting on all the memorable, strong, and influential females from history who stood up for what they believed in and left their mark on the world. Even today, there are tons of inspiring women in every career imaginable (authors, lawyers, doctors, scientists, pilots, teachers, and more) showing everyone that women (and men) can do anything they set their minds to, including changing the world in their own way—one day at a time.

And speaking of strong, motivated women, PETA’s president and cofounder, Ingrid Newkirk, has spent her whole life standing up for animals and is, perhaps, the most famous animal rights activist in the world. She’s fearless, tough, and brilliant, and she has a wicked sense of humor. Check out our recent interview with Ingrid and find out what she thinks about girl power, animal rights, and why it’s more important than ever for young people to speak up for animals!