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Have a Picky Eater? Try These Vegan Foods With Hidden Veggies!

So your kid hates vegetables—what can you do? The good news is that these days, you don’t have to force them to eat unseasoned, steamed Brussels sprouts. Once you’ve introduced them to some of the vegan products on this list, they won’t just be racking up their servings of veggies—they’ll be begging for a second helping, too!

Farmwise recently released a collection of frozen foods that are packed with hidden veggies. Desperate parents, check your local Target for these bad boys—here are just a few of the items to add to your grocery list:

OK—mushrooms aren’t vegetables (they’re fungi), but they’re still packed with nutrients. Here’s a jerky to try:

For a healthy snack, swap out corn tortilla chips for ones made with cauliflower:

Butternut squash pretzels are the pretzels that we never knew we needed:

In our opinion, cheddar-flavor cauliflower crackers take the prize for best new healthy snack. Your kiddos won’t even know they’re eating a vegetable:

Sensible Portions’ Sea Salt Garden Veggie Straws are pretty tasty and also packed with veggies:

We love Vegan Rob’s products. If your family hasn’t already tried its puffs, you must get on it:

These ones have beets in them, too:

Beet chips with vegan goat cheese, anyone? These also contain cassava:

Your kids won’t get a full serving of veggies from Beyond Meat’s burgers or ground “beef,” but did you know that these plant-based products contain pea protein? You might even get away with topping their burgers or chili with some veggies.

Or roll some Beyond Beef into “meatballs” and add it to pasta made from greens, like Cybele’s Free to Eat Superfood Green Rotini:

Peeled Snacks’ garden herb pea crisps are so flavorful and crunchy that your little ones won’t even suspect that they’re vegetable-based:

Lightlife has a ton of hidden-vegetable foods, like these white bean and kale deli slices:

Trader Joe’s comes through with frozen cauliflower-based gnocchi:

And of course, its tempura cauliflower has some major healthy-ish takeout vibes:


All kids should be able to get enough servings of vegetables each day—even if they don’t enjoy eating them in their natural state. The products above are just a selection of the ever-increasing number of healthy vegan foods hitting store shelves. If you have any questions about preparing vegetables so that they taste good for you and your kids—or any other queries concerning being a vegan parent—please check out our Vegan Mommy Mentor Program. We’re here for you!

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