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Trick or Vegan Treats: Vegan ‘Boo Bags’ for Your Neighbors

This Halloween season is different from those in years past. When thinking of Halloween activities, crowded pumpkin patches, festive carnivals, and trick-or-treating throughout the neighborhood come to mind. But this year, social distancing is what’s on most families’ minds when they think of this frightfully fun holiday.

To keep the Halloween spirit alive, one fun option is creating and sharing “boo bags” for neighbors and friends! All you have to do is put together some goodies and trinkets and pick a house to deliver them to. Here’s a more step-by-step guide on booing your neighbors—vegan-style.

Get a Container

You can purchase a pumpkin-shaped container or Halloween-themed bag—or just have your little ones decorate a cardboard shipping box with some creepy characters (a great way to reuse and repurpose it).

Collect Some Trinkets and Treats

Purchase some Halloween-themed pencils, rings, and even glow sticks to make the box super-special. You can also print some of these compassionate Halloween coloring pages and include them with some crayons or colored pencils. Don’t forget about the candy! With so many vegan candy options available, it’ll be hard to choose just a few types to include. Make each piece even more festive by adding some of these cute, animal-friendly candy tags.

Make a Sign

The sign is one of the best parts of booing someone! We recommend including a small piece of paper in the actual container of goodies explaining to your neighbor that the gift is 100% cruelty-free. And say that if they want to participate in this kind game of neighborhood vegan booing, they can give a bag or box of animal-friendly trinkets and treats to someone else. It’s a great idea to create a sign for them to hang on their door, too! Then, others in the neighborhood will know that they’ve been booed, vegan-style! Have fun drawing a sign, or make one online.

You've Been Vegan Booed Sign

Boo an Unsuspecting Neighbor

Now, it’s time to choose a “victim.” Whether you want to deliver the gift to your kid’s best friend’s house or to your next-door neighbor, anyone you choose will be pleasantly surprised—and they’ll find out how delicious vegan candy is. Just sneakily leave the stuffed “boo bag” on their porch, ring the door, and dash away—that way, they’ll have the fun of guessing who booed them.

vegan boo bags

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