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Actor August Maturo Shows What It’s Like to Be an Orca at SeaWorld

In real life and on the TV show Girl Meets World, August Maturo lives with a great, loving family. But that’s not the case for orcas who are trapped at SeaWorld. They were either taken from their homes in the ocean or born in captivity and not allowed to live with their families.

In an important new video, August shows us how miserable it is to be an orca at SeaWorld:

All of these things happen to orcas at SeaWorld:

  • They’re forced to perform unnatural tricks.
  • They’re separated from their families.
  • They’re kept in tanks that are way too small for them to swim the distances that they would in the wild.
  • They get so frustrated that they swim in circles, float in one place, and gnaw on the concrete sides of their tanks, causing their teeth to break off.
  • They actually get sunburned from spending so much time at the surface of their shallow tanks.

More than 40 orcas have died on SeaWorld’s watch, many of them prematurely. SeaWorld still has 20 orcas. Please tell the park to release these animals into seaside sanctuaries before it’s too late.