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One Adorable Pig’s Incredible Transformation

Meet Big Boy.


He’s one of a group of 11 pigs whom PETA fieldworkers stumbled upon while delivering straw bedding and doghouses to pups in need in North Carolina. The pigs were living in horrible conditions.

Their makeshift pen was filthy, and so much trash littered the ground that the pigs had trouble even moving around. Their waste was attracting biting flies, and the pigs had no water or shelter from the hot sun.

PETA was able to place most of them at a sanctuary in Maryland—but Big Boy, who is, well, big and a boy, was trickier to place. We recently found the perfect home for him—a sanctuary where he would be in the company of other big boys: The Pig Preserve in Jamestown, Tennessee.

Check out Big Boy’s heartwarming rescue story below!