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Animal-Friendly Activities to Do at Home!

Going out and advocating is a great way to be active for animals, but it’s not the only way. Keep yourself safe indoors with these easy ways to help animals from home!

Watch an Animal-Friendly Movie—and Have a Discussion Afterward

Watching a movie is always a great time, but these films are extra-special because they focus on animal rights messages. After watching one, talk with your family about the message and think of ways to help animals like those in the movie.

Read a Book With an Animal Rights Message

There’s no better time than now to stay in and read a book (or a few). And these are the BEST books for compassionate kids like you, so we’re sure you’ll love them. ☺️

Get Your Color On

Feeling artistic? Go crazy with your crayons (or markers, pencils, or even paint) and color in one of our many coloring sheets. Plus, check out the animal-friendly message on each one!

Take a Quiz (or Two)

Find out how much you know about animals used for clothing with our quiz “Whose Skin Are You In?” And if you just can’t get enough quizzes, try “How Cruelty-Free Is Your Morning Routine? to figure out whether or not the products you use were tested on animals. This is a great time to clean out your cabinets and bathroom—you can get rid of the expired animal-tested stuff and get ideas on brands to try next time!

Make Your Cat a New Toy

Feeling crafty? With these super-easy DIY cat toys, you can pick up a new hobby and show your cat how much you care. ♥

Encourage Your Family to Make These Easy Vegan Snacks

© | robynmac

Mmmm. These vegan snacks are healthy and easy, and they can likely be made with food you already have in your house. ☺️

Learn More About Speciesism and How to End It

Speciesism is the idea that we can treat some animals one way and others a different way based on their species—and it’s wrong. All animals deserve to be treated with respect and kindness, no matter what. With these super-cute videos, you can learn how other animals enjoy having fun and how we’re all more similar than some might think!

Ask Forever 21 to Stop Selling Wool

Got a stamp and an envelope? Color in this sheet and then sign it as a way to ask Forever 21 to STOP selling wool and help save animals.


Remember, even when we’re staying home, there are many ways we can stick up for animals and encourage others to do the same. ☺️