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'Victorious' Star Hopes Schools Cut Out Dissection
'Victorious' Star Hopes Schools Cut Out Dissection

You know her as the stardom-seeking diva Trina Vega from Nickelodeon's hit show Victorious, but we know her as down-to-earth, animal-loving Daniella Monet. She sat down with us to talk about animal adoption, being vegan for nearly 11 years, and the horrors of classroom dissection. You'll see that Daniella is well schooled in many animal rights issues—especially dissection. Watch as she discusses why she chose not to take part in classroom dissection:

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Daniella Monet

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Daniella Monet for PETA Kids

Daniella Monet for PETA Kids

Each year, millions of animals are raised and killed for classroom dissections. Before these animals are killed, they suffer terribly. To make matters worse, the animals are often preserved with formaldehyde. And let me tell you—that stuff is nasty! It burns the nose, and it has been linked to cancer of the throat, lung, and nasal passages. Besides, there's no reason to dissect animals when plenty of alternatives are available, such as online programs and CD-ROMs, that cause no harm to you or animals. So take a stand against dissection. If your teacher wants your class to dissect an animal, let him or her know about the alternatives, and work hard to convince your school to implement them.

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