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Help Free Lucy!
Help Free Lucy!

Right now, a 39-year-old elephant named Lucy remains sick and alone in the Edmonton Valley Zoo in Canada. She has health problems because she doesn't have enough room to move, and since the weather in Edmonton is often so cold, she spends the majority of her time in a small barn. When Lucy is allowed outside, she's limited to a very small area.

Lucy is exhibiting signs of distress, and her medical records reveal that she's been suffering from arthritis as well as chronic foot problems because she has no room to move.

Please help us get Lucy to a sanctuary where she can live in a more spacious and natural environment. The Elephant Sanctuary in Tennessee or the PAWS sanctuary in California can offer Lucy hundreds of acres of natural habitat, ponds for bathing, fresh plants to eat, and the company of many other elephants.

What You Can Do
Please urge the Edmonton mayor to do whatever is necessary to move Lucy to a sanctuary and permanently close the zoo's elephant exhibit. Everyone who sends a letter will receive an "Animals Belong in the Jungle" coloring book and an "I'm an Ele-Friend" sticker sheet as a special thank-you gift! Here's what you have to do:
Write a polite letter to Mayor Don Iveson urging him to move Lucy to a sanctuary and permanently close the zoo's elephant exhibit. (If you'd like to draw a picture that shows Mayor Iveson why Lucy should be moved, that's great too.)

Send your letter to:

The Honourable Don Iveson, Mayor
City of Edmonton
City Hall, 2nd Fl.
1 Sir Winston Churchill Sq.
Edmonton, Alberta
T5J 2R7

After your letter has been sent, complete this form to receive your "Animals Belong in the Jungle" coloring book and "I'm an Ele-Friend" sticker sheet.

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