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9 Videos That Prove Kids Don’t Want to Eat Animals

Most kids don’t need to be taught to care about animals—it’s something that comes naturally to them. But many of them don’t realize that meat comes from the same animals they read about in books or see in films and TV shows. The videos below show the reactions that seven kids have when they learn that adults harm animals “on purpose.” Their responses aren’t surprising—but they’re definitely heartbreaking.

This girl tells her mom that she’ll eat anything on her plate, as long as it isn’t an animal—because she likes animals and knows that they suffer when they’re killed for food.

This 3-year-old explains to his mom why he doesn’t want to eat animals, saying, “I like them to remain standing and happy. The animals are for us to take care of, not eat.”

This girl cries as she keeps telling her mom, “You can’t!” about killing animals.

This girl just gets it: “[W]hen someone eats one fish, then the fish just dies. And then the fish is not alive.”

This little boy from Nepal doesn’t want to let his goat be sacrificed, and it is a serious tearjerker. ?

“Would you like if someone ate you?” This girl makes a good point.

“I really don’t want to eat the animals,” says this girl tearfully.

Sometimes, children’s relationships with animals can even help grown-ups make the connection. In this video, a 5-year-old girl lets a cow into her house when her mom isn’t looking. She cuddles with the cow, and her mom’s heart melts. Her mom then says, “We need to stop eating beef. … I think she’s going to get me to stop eating beef.”

Animals are our friends, not our food. Plant-based foods are healthier and super-delicious, and one quick trip to the grocery store with Mom and Dad is all it takes to begin a compassionate lifestyle!